Montag, 19. März 2012

Poncho CAL

I aways wanted to make a pocho.
Today Angie from over at Sucrette's started a CAL and I happily joined in.
As for the colour choice I choose this sample I made a year ago. You can see it in my profile photo on my blog, too.

I did a short stash dive and got out 10 skeins of each colour. Here you can see me, well not in person though, searching for that pink colour in my red-pink-violett stash. Why 10 skeins each? Well, I don't like to stash dive each time I ran out of yarn. So 10 is a good figure and I will see lateron how much I will really need.

And these are the colours - and you can see why I called my blog Basketful of Joy.... 

But before I can really jump into that new project I have to finish my Swirl. Right now I'm this far

There are still 50 ends at the cuff left to weave in plus that finishing toch of bathing and blocking. It should be ready this week. 

During those last weeks I did a few new test knittings, too. I will show them to you shortly. 

Den deutschen Text werde ich später noch nachfügen.


  1. OOooh I could dive right into that pile of wool! Yummy! Now a poncho would be great fun! And you go and show me another crocheting blog! I'll never get off the computer! Thanks for all of the lovely comments on my blog, you must have been held captive over there for ages :D