Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Back again - Wieder da

So here I am again. It's been a fortnight already since I posted my last post.  So where have I been? Busy, very busy. Apart from a bug that was caught by a family member, whom I nursed then, I did quite a lot of knitting. 
The test knitting from my last post has been finished - and another test knitting started. 
Here is the "Love Train" by Stitchnerd / Susan Ashcroft

And here is the new test knitting by Tinyknit / Linda Browing. It's called "Cabriole Scarf". The pattern hasn't been released yet, but will be soon. 
I haven't finished the scarf yet. 1/4 of it is still missing plus the finishing lace at both ends. 

This is how far I am right now. 

And a close up of the pattern right at the beginning. The scarf is knitted with a provisional cast-on from the middle to both ends. 

And then there is my "Swirl". I made some progress on it, too. I'm knitting the sleeves now. 
This is how far I got now: 

I'm a bit tired now. So I will take a rest - before doing all the cooking/cleaning up and later going on knitting. I can't wait till it is all finished. 

So da bin ich wieder. Da ich  gerade doch arg müde bin, hier nur ganz kurz den zusammengefassten deutschen Teil des Posts:
Test-Strick 2 (gelber Schal) beendet, Test 3 (blauer Schal) zu 3/4 fertig. Mein Swirl macht auch Fortschritte. Ich bin jetzt an den Ärmeln. Die Fotos könnt ihr alle oben im engl. Teil sehen.

Später werde ich diesen Post noch mal bearbeiten, aber für jetzt sollte es erst mal reichen.

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  1. We each had our own talents, yours is working with yarn, such beautiful work.